Pennsylvania's new 'Move Over' law now in effect: What you should know

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Pennsylvania drivers who fail to merge or slow down while approaching an emergency response area will face big fines.

Starting Tuesday April 27, drivers who fail to follow the Move Over law will face a two-point penalty. Those drivers will also face a $500 fine for a first offense, $1,000 for a second and $2,000 for a third.

"To ensure the safety of all road users especially those stranded by the side of the road and those who come to rescue them, AAA advises all motorists to always remain alert, eliminate distractions and focus on the number one task, which is driving," said Jana Tidwell with AAA.

The law requires drivers approaching an emergency response area who are unable to safely merge into a lane further away from the response area to slow to at least 20 mph less than the posted speed limit. An emergency response area is where an emergency vehicle has its lights flashing, or where road crews or emergency responders have lighted flares, posted signs, or try to warn travelers.

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