Dog bitten by rattlesnake while saving 2-year-old

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Annabelle was bitten by a rattlesnake, saving 2-year-old boy Zaylan Light from being bitten. (KTRK)

A Facebook campaign raised $2000 for anti-venom for a 2-year-old dog, Annabelle. Annabelle was bitten by a rattlesnake, saving 2-year-old boy Zaylan Light.

Rachell Light, the owner of Annabelle and mother of Zaylan, says she was barbecuing and had just poured water for the dog on the front porch of their house.

"I basically turned my back and my dog just started barking and my son was out there as well," said Light.

Light says that Annabelle did not initially shows signs of being bitten until her face began to swell up. They rushed to a veterinary hospital where Annabelle was treated with anti-venom antibiotics.

KEROreports that the community rallied to support Light and help her with the approximately $2,000 bill for the anti-venom.

No Kill Kern, an animal rights Facebook group, posted Annabelle's story to Facebook and within hours, the funding goal to pay for the anti-venom costs was reached.

Light is overwhelmed by the support.

"With the situation that I am in financially and others, to see so many people just come together in an hour to raise as much as they did, for them to just help me the way that they did, it's amazing," Light said.

Annabelle was moving around and active this morning and her doctor said it usually takes between two to four days for a dog to recover from a rattlesnake bite.
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