Cold weather settles in across the Delaware Valley

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- People in Philadelphia and across the Delaware Valley were finding ways to keep warm on Friday as cold, wintry air settled in.

"I'm feeling very cold," said Louise Fischer as she walked along Main Street in Manayunk. She was headed to yoga class wrapped in a scarf and sporting gray gloves.

"All of my nice stuff is packed away somewhere. I was a little taken by surprise, so you can see I have gloves with a hole, these are the ones I use to shovel snow in," she exclaimed.

As Aaron Bell waits for the bus, you could only make out a small portion of his face. The rest was covered in a partial ski mask.

"I held off for as long as I could with the longjohns but I am armored up underneath all of this. It's a fortress," said Bell.

Sales at The Warming Store in Manayunk are getting hot, as temperatures outside cool down.

"When it hits, it hits fast. There has been a lot of storms and snow in the Midwest lately so it's really helped us," said Laura Bunyard, who works in customer service.

The jackets, vests, hats and even socks are specially equipped with heating components.

"It runs off power banks so just like you charge your phone up," said Bunyard.

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Outside, winter weather means winter cheer and the team of men using a cherry picker are in charge of bringing the joy. They're tasked with stringing lights on trees along Main Street while battling the elements.

They're relying on layers and warm drinks to get through the day.

"Hot tea, hot chocolate. Keep it moving, keep your blood moving. But it's a good thing, bringing cheer and joy to the city," said Adam Allen of Decorate Designs.
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