Officials: New COVID-19 cases stabilize, but hospitalizations up in Philly, officials say

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Tuesday, April 14, 2020
New COVID-19 cases stabilize, but hospitalizations up in Philly, officials say
New COVID-19 cases may have stabilized, but hospitalizations are up in Philly, officials said.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Officials in Philadelphia said Tuesday's numbers show a stabilizing in daily case count of the coronavirus, and city leaders say there's evidence that the stay at home order is having a measurable impact.

It's cautious optimism, however, as officials say that stay at home order needs to remain in place.

The city reported 7,130 cases with 206 deaths on Tuesday. Officials said 103, or 50%, of the deaths are nursing home residents.

Dr. Farley provides update on COVID-19 in Philadelphia.

Health Commissioner Thomas Farley said the numbers for Tuesday could be low, due to some labs not updating their counts.

Farley also said while there may be stabilizing in terms of case count, officials are seeing an increase in the number of people who are being treated at area hospitals for coronavirus.

"The virus is still circulating in the city," Farley said. "Stay home."

On Tuesday, Mayor Jim Kenney said an inmate in the city's jail system has died from the coronavirus.

The woman, who was in her 40s, had been the in jail system for "500 plus days," officials said. She died in the hospital. Officials said she had underlying health conditions.

Officials would not comment on the woman's charges, but said she was not eligible for early release.

Commissioner Blanche Carney said 120 inmates have been tested for COVID-19. Three inmates are currently hospitalized.

On Monday, Mayor Jim Kenney said he is now focusing on redoing the city budget, and is asking for support from the federal government to, among other priorities, replace lost revenue.

"We need direct and flexible funding," Kenney said. "Without this we will be forced to make drastic cuts which will deprive residents of needed services, exacerbate the damage to local economies."

Kenney is also asking for more rapid testing, personal protective equipment and support for housing, small businesses and Medicaid.

He said the city is still at risk for a surge. Right now, Kenney said health is a priority.

"You can talk about economists, you can talk about the president, I want to know what Dr. Farley and Dr. Farley's peers say about opening, not opening, rolling openings, mass gatherings, all those things. We need to be informed by medical science people," Kenney said.

The Philadelphia International Airport will receive $161 million in emergency funds, officials said Tuesday.

"For now, this money is in real time going to keep airports open. The recovery, whenever that bring the economy back is still under consideration of being discussed," said Dan Elwell, department admin of the FAA.

The funds are part of the nation's CARES Act that is committing $10 billion to airports across the country.

However, for the city, this does not apply to their general operating budget.