PCA's Home-Delivered Meals Program making a difference for older adults

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Thursday, March 28, 2024
PCA's Home-Delivered Meals Program making a difference for older adults
Philadelphia Corporation for Aging is making sure older adults are well fed by delivering meals to seniors' doorsteps across the city.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Five days a week, Thomas Beaufort, Jr. loads his truck with meals for delivery at Philadelphia Corporation for Aging's Meal Distribution Center.

"It's about 57 stops today," he says.

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Beaufort is one of 20 drivers for PCA's Home-Delivered Meals program.

"PCA's mission is to serve older adults in Philadelphia and those with disabilities, helping them to maximize their health, independence and productivity," says Amy Goldstein, nutrition manager for Philadelphia Corporation for Aging.

Michael Chambers manages the PCA facility that delivers meals to 3,500 consumers each week.

"We have frozen meals in the truck," says Beaufort.

"The majority of our recipients receive delivery one day a week. In addition to that, we have a small percentage that receive hot meals, which we deliver every day," says Chambers.

"We know that these older adults are really needing these services," says Goldstein.

She says meal delivery is important "to ensure that they're getting proper nutrition."

There are 18,000 meals prepared per week for senior participants, but care plans differ. Chambers says typically, consumers receive seven meals. They get two bags, the first one has their frozen meals.

"And that's going to include usually the protein, maybe a vegetable or two, and probably a grain or two," says Goldstein.

Fajita chicken and sliced turkey are just two examples of the types of meals PCA delivers. The second bag contains fresh complements.

"Milk, fresh fruit, packaged fruit and bread products," says Goldstein. "And these are what really complete the meal."

Both kosher and non-kosher meals and complements are available. Older adults also have the option of ordering off PCA's Choice Meals menu.

"They can choose what things they like and what things they may want to skip," says Goldstein.

"It promotes independence with the consumers," says Chambers.

Drivers deliver to the entire county of Philadelphia.

"They definitely rely on the food," says Beaufort.

"This operation is making a difference in addressing food insecurities," says Chambers. "It's a good feeling."

If you or someone you know could benefit from PCA's home-delivered meals program, call the PCA helpline at 215-765-9040 or visit PCACares.org.

For more information:

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PCA's Home-Delivered Meals Program: https://www.pcacares.org/services/help-in-the-home/home-delivered-meals/

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