Philadelphia Police Department seeks more women in uniform

Right now, women make up about 22% of the Philadelphia Police Department.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- On Women's Equality Day, many commemorate how far women have come, but also take a close look at how much more needs to be done.

One agency in Philadelphia is using this opportunity as a call to action to get more women in uniform.

The Philadelphia Police Department isn't just dealing with a shortage of officers, but specifically a shortage of female officers.

Right now, women make up about 22% of the Philadelphia Police Department. The goal is to raise that number to 30% by the year 2030.

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"Women bring a different dynamic to everything that we do, just by the basis of who we are," said Deputy Commissioner Robin Wimberly. "In policing, it has been shown that we use less force and we're more analytical when we're handling situations and de-escalating situations."

Wimberly has been a member of the department for 32 years. She believes more women on the force can help bring the community together to become part of the change that is needed in policing.

"We're the CEOs of our home. We make sure everything keeps working," she added. "We take those skills everywhere we go. So it's important that the department is well rounded, and we bring that."

One of the reasons she believes more women aren't signing up is around-the-clock hours can be difficult for working moms. She says she did it as a single mom, and others can do it, too.

The Philadelphia Police Department is in a new recruitment cycle that ends Tuesday, August 31.

The slogan is: "It's time for change." Click here for more information.

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