City of Brotherly Love turns cold after drop in temperature

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- The streets of Philadelphia were pretty crowded all day, but that quickly changed, when the weather did.

"The weather is beautiful right now. We had a really nice day with our family because it's so nice outside," said Jill Golden of Passing Square.

On Saturday, Mother Nature spoiled Philadelphians more accustomed to cooler weather this late in November.

A bride-to-be came up from Jacksonville, Florida, for her bachelorette party.

"I thought I was going to have to bundle up and wear a jacket, but I brought the warm weather with me," said Katie Neff of Jacksonville, Florida.

"I think it's beautiful. I probably wouldn't have come to Christmas Village this year if it wasn't this warm," said Shalon Lambert of Levittown.

Shalon Lambert's excited daughters tagged along with warm drinks in hand.

"I love hot chocolate!" said Layla Jackson of Levittown.

Business was still booming for shops who look forward to the cold.

"Surprisingly we've been selling a lot of hot chocolate today. I thought it was going to be pretty slow because it's warm, but it's been going just as fast as usual," said Juele Stokes of West Philadelphia.

For others though, Mother Nature threw them a curve ball. Like one shop owner who sells coats and other clothing made out of wool - a hard sell in 70 degree weather.

"I constantly remind them that it's not going to last like this forever here," said Peter Beauregard, shop owner.

And boy was he right. By evening, temperatures plummeted into the 40s. A cool welcome for one Miami couple.

"We were going to a coffee shop, it was normal. We came out, and it was freezing. Oh my god!" said Schesly Trujillo of Miami, Florida.

It totally caught one poor guy off guard, who was ice skating in shorts.

"The weather today ... it just changed," said Yusef Alsubeihi of Olney. "The weather tricked me."

Still many say, you don't get the Christmas feel without a little cold weather.
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