Some still nervous about getting COVID-19 vaccine; expert weighs in

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Even as more and more people are being vaccinated for COVID-19 across the region, there are still people very hesitant about getting a shot.

And to fuel worries, European nations started, then paused, and then restarted the use of the AstraZeneca vaccine, which created mixed messages.

Najiah Seals of South Philadelphia says she was nervous at first about getting the vaccine, until she did her research which helped to ease any hesitation.

Gene Sobel of Center City also wasn't worried.

"I've gotten the complete dose. I've gotten both shots and I'm not at all concerned about getting it," Sobel said.

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Renee Jett of South Philadelphia also got the shot. However, some of her relatives are skeptical.

"Some are skeptical about it because they're not sure what it contains, but I'm OK with it," said Jett.

Alison Buttenheim has been researching vaccine acceptance for more than 10 years at the University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing.

"I think the important message is that a pause doesn't mean it's not safe. A pause means we had some data that we wanted to investigate more deeply, investigate further and we did that and we're gonna proceed," said Buttenheim, the associate professor of nursing and health policy at Penn.

In her research and personal life, Buttenheim says she most certainly has encountered people reluctant about being vaccinated.

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"I think the important thing here is to pause and listen to concerns that people have. What is it that they're hearing about the vaccine that gives them concern? Can we address these questions?" said Buttenheim.

There's one question she gets asked a lot.

"I get asked a lot which vaccine is the best? And my answer is, 'The one you can get tomorrow,'" she said.

Buttenheim says if people feel they need to wait, others should be patient and accommodate their need to wait.
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