Inside look at how New Castle Co. police train for situations that require use of force

NEW CASTLE CO., Delaware -- Action News got an inside look at how recruits with the New Castle County Police Department go through training for circumstances where they have no choice but to resort to some level of force.

The recruits were taught three techniques to gain control of someone they're trying to arrest or take into custody, including a maneuver when an officer gets pressed against a wall or other object and can't break free.

They also practiced proper procedure for handcuffing a suspect.

They are trained to look for cues that someone might be about to assault them.

And, the recruits learn de-escalation and maneuvers they can use to gain control of situations, keeping themselves, and oftentimes the suspect, safe.

"A lot of times people do not want to go with the program whether it's because they're intoxicated, or they're having some type of episode," said Senior Corporal Mark Censurato, a New Castle County Police Academy Drill Instructor.

"De-escalation is something county police have used for decades and we try to teach that as well, but there are times when force has to be used. Someone needs to be transported to the hospital. Someone needs to be transported to jail so to speak for whatever crime. Force is an option. Hopefully, it's justifiable," he added.

New Castle County police are banned from using chokeholds, but they are taught the maneuver so they can recognize it when another officer is applying a chokehold and stop it from happening.

Right now, there are 25 recruits in the academy going through 30 weeks of training.