'Act of cowardice': Haverford, Pennsylvania family refuses to be silenced after political signs stolen

HAVERFORD, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- A thief was caught on surveillance video ripping down a Joe Biden - Kamala Harris political sign in a family's Haverford, Pennsylvania yard.

"We put a single Biden campaign sign in our yard and within 12 hours it was gone. My husband, who is an independent actually, asked me to put five signs in its place," said Lindsay Wetmore-Arkader.

Wetmore-Arkader said their signs have been stolen five times in the last two months.

The incidents have forced the family to think smart and strategically.

"We made handmade signs. We coated everything in Crisco and glitter because we thought it might deter people, and it bought us a couple of days," Wetmore-Arkader said.

The Arkaders now have additional surveillance which caught the culprit in action. The family said they have filed police reports every time and refused to be silenced.

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"It's an act of cowardice. I guess I should take it as a good sign people on the other side of the election are feeling intimidated, and are feeling nervous and scared that things aren't going their way," she said.

A man in nearby Havertown said he's fed up with young people who keep vandalizing a political sign outside his law office.

John Williamson said he put up a Donald Trump sign on the front lawn of his law offices a couple of months ago, and it was defaced 10 times. He has put up a surveillance camera at the corner of Eagle and Lawrence roads to try and catch the vandals, but so far Havertown police have not been able to identify who's responsible.

Meanwhile, the Arkaders say they refuse to stand down.

"I stand very firmly on principle for this. If you take my property and silence my voice, I'm going to come back stronger and louder and I may have been happy with my one Biden campaign sign," Wetmore-Arkader said.
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