Rudy Giuliani stumps for Trump in Pa. suburbs

COLLEGEVILLE, Pa. (WPVI) -- Rudy Giuliani the former New York City mayor and a leading surrogate of Donald Trump, roamed southeastern Pennsylvania Monday continuing to trash Hillary Clinton.

Clinton has an average polling lead of five points in Pennsylvania.

"Many more of his supporters will show up than hers. People are voting for her holding their nose, knowing they're voting for a criminal," Giuliani siad.

Trump and his surrogates are all over the country in key battleground states like Pennsylvania, trying to nail a big win.

Pennsylvania's 20 electoral votes would dramatically help along the narrow path Trump has to get to the White House.

Donald Trump is in Scranton Monday night, but in the vote rich southeast is where the jackpot is.

"The voters the Democrats need, the four suburban counties in Philadelphia consist of one-third of the vote of the entire state. So for the Democrats to win, they need a big turnout," Terry Madonna of Franklin and Marshall said.

The Philadelphia Democratic ward leaders have fine-tuned the old machine, claiming they can once again turn out the vote for their ticket.

"I think people overall are certainly supportive of Hillary Clinton, but I think Donald Trump helps push the turnout even more to vote against Trump and his policies," Democratic ward leader Bill Greenlee said.

Even in the 11th hour, find some suburban voters claimed to still be undecided.
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