'George R. Anthonisen's Meditations on the Human Condition' on view through October 13

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024 2:21PM
Meditations on the Human Condition' on view Michener Art Museum
The Michener Art Museum in Bucks County is highlighting the work of local sculptor George R. Anthonisen for his figurative work.

DOLYLESTOWN, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- 'George R. Anthonisen: Meditations on the Human Condition' is a celebration of the sculptor's entire 65-year artistic career.

"The work really has to do with the human family, the family of man," says Anthonisen.

There are 45 works on display, both indoors and out.

Lisa Tremper Hanover, guest curator at the Michener Art Museum, worked with Anthonisen to put this exhibition together, which includes sculptures, bas-relief and fresco.

Anthonisen was born in Boston, but he's lived and worked in Bucks County for more than half a century.

"I grew up in the art world studying from life," he says. "I really zeroed in on the female figure."

He works primarily in bronze, with a focus on figurative sculptures.

Anthonisen says much of his work shows "the similarities of all different kinds of people throughout the world."

There is a piece called 'Give Us Grace,' which he says, "speaks to harmony amongst peoples."

His works are divided into groups. Hanover says these groupings deal with different aspects of George's work, like 'Portraiture.'

There is also a 'Female Empowerment' grouping, and 'Social Commentary.' In that section, visitors can view a piece called 'Death and Starvation.' Tremper Hanover says there is a focus on what would be historical events, but interpreted through George's lens.

"I've always read. I've been Interested in history and literature," says Anthonisen.

That influence can be seen in 'Storied Figures.'

"You see a progression of how the artist works, how he thinks, how he interprets," says Tremper Hanover. "It's a very emotional journey."

"We live and we die, and everyone goes through that cycle," says Anthonisen.

He says he hopes when visitors see his work that they "understand the pitfalls of being human; at the same time, the elevation of what we could do, what we have done."

'George R. Anthonisen: Meditations on the Human Condition' is on view through October 13 at the Michener Art Museum.

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