Thick fog is blanketing the Jersey shore this week -- here's why

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Tuesday, July 9, 2024
Thick fog is blanketing the Jersey shore this week -- here's why
Thick fog is blanketing the Jersey shore this week -- here's why

BRIGANTINE, New Jersey (WPVI) -- You could hear the ocean roar around noon on Tuesday in Brigantine, New Jersey.

But unless you were sitting right next to it, it was hard to see the ocean.

"You can't see anything, there's so much fog. We've never seen it like this in 30 years," said Janine Soubra, of New Castle, Pa.

On a clear day in Brigantine, you can see the Atlantic City skyline.

But with the fog on Tuesday, you could barely see a block down.

"This whole week since Saturday you haven't been able to see over there. So that's pretty eerie if you ask me," said Jamal Soubra.

But why is this happening? We didn't have to go far to find an expert.

"Visibility was near zero in Atlantic City for hours today. So we had that dense fog," said Meteorologist Karen Rogers. "And the reason is we had some upwelling yesterday. The ocean water temperatures are in the low 60s and we have warmer air flowing in over the cooler ocean air, and that's what forms the fog."

Calm winds are also contributing.

"I'm surprised they let people in the water, the lifeguards because you couldn't see the people in the water," said Michele Kramer, of Sewell, N.J.

Beach patrols are letting people in the water but keeping a watchful eye and keeping swimmers close.

"The guards have to be right on top of the water for conditions like this. So the stands are moved up and down with the tide," said Brigantine Beach Patrol Chief Kip Emig. "Make sure you're on the water's edge at all times and then a walking patrol. When it gets foggy like this, we ask one guard to walk back and forth along the coastline to make sure no one's swimming outside the flags."

For the water-loving kids, they're listening to the guards and trying to make the best of it.

"We have to stay a little shallower so our parents can see us," said Adrianna Maffei, of Exton, Pa.

"It's been kind of hard but I'm still having a lot of fun," said Aleah Smith, of West Chester, Pa.

The guards have been keeping people knee to waist deep depending on visibility.

There's a marine dense fog advisory in effect until Wednesday afternoon. Officials are urging people to be careful on the beaches and boating until the fog lifts.