Pa. school community joins with veterans displaying the significance of Memorial Day to children

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Saturday, May 25, 2024
Pa. school community displays the significance of Memorial Day to kids
Veterans spend their day with school children ahead of Memorial Day as the kids learn about what makes the holiday so special.

SCHWENKSVILLE, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- This school community in Schwenksville is teaching students to be mindful of Memorial Day with their remembrance event.

The event took place at St. Mary Catholic School in Schwenksville, Pennsylvania.

"It's very humbling to see everyone come together and to pay tribute to each other...Teaches us the true meaning of Memorial Day and what it means to everyone in our community," said Principal, Heather Sickinger.

The annual celebration gathers Veterans with school kids as they hold a sequence of ceremonies and traditions.

"We have prepared our kids year round for tributes and songs. Not only gives honor to the men and women who sacrificed and gave their lives for our entire country, but it teaches our students to give that respect," said Sickinger.

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