Vineland officials address concerns as heat, lack of rain strain water system

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Saturday, June 22, 2024
Vineland address concerns as heat, lack of rain strain water system
Vineland officials address concerns as heat, lack of rain strain water system

VINELAND, New Jersey (WPVI) -- The city of Vineland, New Jersey is addressing issues of low water pressure for residents.

Clearing up rumors of a water main break and an intentional reduction in water pressure, the city issued a statement Friday saying the problem is a direct result of extraordinarily high demand amid hot temperatures and a lack of rain.

Officials said there was a spike in usage this week likely caused by a surge in outdoor activities like filling pools, washing cars, and watering lawns.

Action News saw several sprinkler systems activated Friday as people tried to keep their lawns healthy in the heat wave.

Lino Cicillini was out watering his lawn as well.

"Every two days, that's it, half-hour -- no more than that," Cicillini said.

Michelle Giglio, of Vineland, said the difference in water pressure has been noticeable throughout the week. She said her water had also been discolored.

"My husband noticed it a couple days ago. He said the water coming out of the spigot, and even in the toilet has a brown tinge to it," Giglio said.

The city said sediment has been stirred up in storage tanks, which can occur when levels are extremely low. The discoloration is the same phenomenon that takes place during water main and fire hydrant cleansing periods.

Inspira Medical Center Vineland was also forced to take action.

At the request of the hospital, the city has enacted voluntary restrictions on non-essential water usage.

CEO & President Amy Mansue said, "We are grateful to Mayor Fanucci of Vineland, for his collaboration, leadership and support of our Vineland hospital, our patients and our staff impacted by these changes. Everyone in our area can help improve the well-being of our patients by reducing their water usage."

A statement from the hospital went on to say, "Last night, water pressure at Inspira Medical Center Vineland fluctuated at lower-than-normal levels. We postponed our elective procedures, in an abundance of caution, until the water supply is stabilized. We have also obtained water tankers, and they are onsite for supplemental use.

These proactive steps allow us to prioritize essential medical services and maintain a dependable water supply for all patients. Those patients that are impacted by these changes will be contacted by their healthcare provider's office to reschedule appointments accordingly. We are actively monitoring the situation and will provide updates as they become available."

Vineland says city water pumps are working at full capacity and the system is beginning to stabilize. Even if you're not experiencing issues, the city is asking all residents to reduce water consumption wherever possible to benefit the entire community until further notice. Officials hope customers will see improvements into the weekend.