Rescue Spa in Rittenhouse will save your dry, dull skin with these winter skincare tips

ByNydia Han and Heather Grubola WPVI logo
Tuesday, November 21, 2023
Rescue Spa in Rittenhouse can save your dry, dull winter skin
If the cooler temperatures have you struggling with your skincare, we are coming to your Rescue.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- If the cooler temperatures have you struggling with your skincare, a spa in the city's Rittenhouse neighborhood is coming to your rescue.

Action News talked to the founder of Rescue Spa, who has also started her own line of skincare products.

"I grew up in Poland and since childhood, I loved skincare," said Danuta Mieloch. "I had a little apothecary and I was mixing lotions and potions and my dream was always to find an elixir of youth."

Mieloch pursued the elixir of youth by moving to the United States.

"I was 25. My sister lived here, so I came here. I just had $20 in my pocket," she said.

Twenty dollars - plus passion and a healthy dose of grit.

"My first job was actually waitressing because I didn't speak any English. So I learned English. I went to school, I got my esthetician diploma," said Mieloch.

After working at spas in New York, Mieloch opened her own in Philadelphia in 2004. Rescue Spa is now on Rittenhouse Square after relocating from its original location on 17th Street. There's also a Rescue Spa location in New York City.

And now, she's started her own skincare line.

"I always wanted to create my own line. It is clean, clean beauty, conscious beauty, but super effective," said Mieloch.

Her Danucera line has a toner, a cream, and Cerabalm, a multi-tasker that removes makeup, cleanses, and moisturizes.

The biggest mistake people make when it comes to skincare?

"People don't cleanse their skin properly and it's like the baseline," she said.

Mieloch said you should spend three to five minutes and use gentle products that don't over strip your skin.

Now that the season is turning colder, there are some things you should do differently when it comes to your skincare routine.

"Hydrate, moisturize, layer up? The way you're going to layer your wardrobe. You need to layer your skincare," said Mieloch.

Mieloch said to use a serum then a cream. But there are some things you should avoid.

"You want to not get anything with mineral oil, because we know it's clogging and we know it's made out of paraffin. So, so that's not great," she said.

Action News asked Mieloch not just about the secrets to skincare, but also the secret to success.

"It's the journey. Right? And the journey involves the good times not so good times. But ultimately you have to just love what do you do and keep doing it," she said.

And as Mieloch grows her business, she is lifting up so many women along the way.

She said mentoring women is her passion. One Rescue Spa employee started as a nail tech 15 years ago and now runs the spa's PR and marketing and is basically Mieloch's right hand in everything.