Residents hope for safer streets with camera program in Tioga-Nicetown

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Residents are coming together to make their neighborhood safer with new surveillance cameras in Philadelphia's Nicetown-Tioga section.

The skilled Will Hunter is the head Chef at Paprika's Restaurant in Philadelphia's Nicetown section on Germantown Avenue.

He started working here to help out his sister-in-law and Paprika's owner Jamillah Abdullah when "my brother passed away from a heart attack. They wanted me to run it, so I'm here," said Hunter.

But back in December instead of holding the sauté pan he found himself holding this rust covered sledgehammer.

About three months ago someone for the second time, broke into Paprika's.

"He got here, put a sheet here, and knocked it in so it didn't make noise. When I came in the morning everything was gone," said Hunter.

The crooks took the register and their gumball machine but left the sledgehammer behind.

"They came up, and they know it's the only way to get into our door," said Hunter.

Eighth District Councilwoman Cindy Bass hopes to curtail or even end crime and trash dumping throughout the district.

Thursday she announced the beginning of the Community Leadership Caucus Camera Program.

The goal - surveillance cameras across the 8th district.

"You can put this on your home, It's gonna be able to video and record what's happening in your neighborhood. We are going to put two in the front of your home and one in the alleyway or rear of your home," said Councilwoman Bass.

Residents who sign up and meet the requirements will have someone come from the city to their home or properties to install these cameras.

"To get one of these systems we want you to be part of our Community Leadership Caucus or be involved in your police department PSA programs," said Councilwoman Bass.

"If they see people are watching, they'll be more apprehensive, not move forward with crime littering things like that," said Jamillah Abdullah.

You must be a homeowner and have Wi-Fi to enroll in the free security program.

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