Sky 6 traffic camera captures multiple close calls on Route 42 in Gloucester City

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Thursday, March 5, 2020
Broken down vehicle creates close calls on Route 42
A broken down vehicle created close calls on Route 42 in Gloucester City, New Jersey.

GLOUCESTER CITY, New Jersey (WPVI) -- It was a nerve-wracking few moments on Action News Wednesday afternoon when the traffic camera captured a car stalled on a busy highway in Camden County.

On Action News at 4 p.m., traffic reporter Matt Pellman had just mentioned an earlier accident was cleared on I-676 at Route 42 in Gloucester City.

The accident caused a delay that spilled back onto Route 42.

Once the accident scene was cleared, traffic began moving again.

Action News is told a driver who had been stuck in the backup tried to start his car, but it stalled.

The driver got out of his car and went off to the side of the roadway.

The car, however, remained stuck in one of the northbound lanes of Route 42.

The unfolding scene aired live from the Sky 6 traffic camera.

Unsuspecting drivers started to quickly approach the stalled vehicle creating a very dangerous situation.

Drivers were seen swerving at the last second to avoid hitting the broken down car.

"We watch situations like this all the time behind the scenes, but this was unusual to have so many near accidents while I was on the air with the camera," Pellman told

There were multiple close calls on camera, but no further crashes occurred.

A few minutes after the traffic report, police arrived to the scene with their lights flashing to alert oncoming drivers.

NJDOT followed and assisted in getting the vehicle to the side of the road.