Rutgers University classes canceled, buildings closed due to power issues at main campus

Wednesday, September 14, 2016

NEW BRUNSWICK, New Jersey -- Some classes are canceled and campus buildings are shut down after power issues hit the main Rutgers University campus in New Jersey Wednesday.

The university said the outages at the Cook/Douglass campus have been intermittent and affect about 90 buildings, including 39 residence halls.

Rutgers said it's working with the power company to resolve the issues, but in the meantime has made the following changes for the day:

- All classes at this campus are canceled through period 5, resuming at 5:35 p.m.

- All student centers, health centers, recreational centers and dining halls on the campus are closed until further notice

- Affected buildings will be closed from 12 to 5 p.m. Wednesday

The school said it's also making plans in the event the power issues are not resolved by Wednesday night. If they persist, Rutgers will provide shelter for the 3,000 students who live on campus.

All other Rutgers campuses - including in Camden - are open and operating on a normal schedule.