DelCo's Settantatré Pasta raises the bar on gluten-free pasta

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Monday, February 5, 2024
Settantatré Pasta raises the bar on gluten-free pasta
Settantatré Pasta is the result of a couple's passion for pasta and a focus on delicious dishes for the gluten-free crowd.

MILMONT PARK, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- Settantatré Pasta is a labor of love for husband and wife Matthew Gentile and Genna Curcio.

Curcio was diagnosed with celiac disease more than a decade ago, putting pasta off limits.

Her husband, a chef, spent more than eight years perfecting a recipe that resembles traditional gluten pasta but is made gluten-free.

They launched the business in 2021 with a rotating list of gluten-free pastas on the menu.

There are string pastas and stuffed pastas, including more than half dozen varieties of gluten-free raviolis.

For every gluten-free recipe there is a traditional pasta to match.

The couple also makes a collection of gluten-free sauces and prepared meals, many of which can be made gluten-free -- all made with a chef's touch.

The goal for the couple was to create an inclusive business with handmade pastas that not only benefit the couple but also the community.

They recommend calling to order as the menu changes frequently.

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605 West MacDade Boulevard, Milmont Park, PA 19033