Immense shelf cloud sweeps over Sydney in cool timelapse videos

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Friday, November 6, 2015
As a massive shelf cloud rolled over Sydney Friday, photographers captured cool timelapse videos of the phenomenon.
Nathaniel Chen/YouTube

As a magnificent shelf cloud swept over Sydney on Friday, amateur and professional photographers alike captured the chilling moments the cloud approached the shore to create ominous timelapse videos.

The cloud came with a severe weather warning for the area, according to Australia's ABC News, but that didn't stop residents from flocking outside to get a glimpse at Mother Nature's show.

A shelf cloud is the result of a mini-cold front out in front of a storm, according to the National Weather Service. Air that has been cooled by the rain forces warm air up rapidly, forming the "shelf" at the bottom of the cloud.

When video of the shelf cloud is sped up as in these timelapses, it looks like it is rolling across the air.