Chicago couple builds snow dragon, names it after neighbor

ByYukare Nakayama Localish logo
Saturday, February 13, 2021
Chicago snow dragon is talk of town
Meet Jasper, the snow dragon!

CHICAGO -- A Chicago couple has become very popular in their neighborhood because of their snow dragon named Jasper.

Lincoln Square couple Warren Window and Alexis Hoffman are the talk of their neighborhood because of their snow sculpture.

The snow dragon, known as Jasper, was built by both Window and Hoffman several weeks ago. Hoffman wanted a snow beast and Window made it happen.

Ever since its creation, the snow beast has gotten a lot of attention from neighbors and even Twitter.

"It's been fun seeing the neighbors get a kick out of it," said Window.

Hoffman said she was in charge of collecting snow while her partner Window sculpted the creature.

The name Jasper came about when a neighbor's son asked what the snow dragon's name was. Window decided to name the dragon after the child.

With the incoming snow Chicago will be receiving, the couple predict the snow dragon will be around for a while.