This mother-daughter duo wore the same prom dress 22 years apart - and both killed it

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Shockingly, not all '90s fashion is lost.

When 18-year-old Ally Johnson of Hilliard, Ohio laid eyes on her mother's vintage, old-Hollywood style prom dress from 1995, she knew she had to wear it to her own upcoming prom. "I shocked myself by how much I loved it," she tells Babble.

Ally's spring prom pics were an eerie replica of her mom's from 22 years earlier - and just as gorgeous. Not to mention, when she tweeted out the photos, they immediately went viral with 3K likes and 375 retweets.

First, check out Ally's beautiful look from this year:

Image source: Ally Johnson|Twitter

And then compare it to her mother's picture. Eerily similar.

Image source: Ally Johnson|Twitter

Ally originally ordered another dress online, but didn't like it once she tried it on at her grandmother's house. "Afterwards, I asked to try on my mom's prom dress, because I knew my grandma had been holding onto it all this time," says Ally.

Luckily, the dress fit exactly without any alternations, like it had been waiting all these years for this moment.

Looking at the pics side by side, this mother and daughter duo look just like twins - both with handsome dates to boot. And according to Ally, she and her mother are indeed very much alike.

"I'm like a brunette version of my mother," says Ally. "I would consider her one of my best friends. We talk the same, and like all the same things."

Yet, even though they're close, wearing your mom's dress from the '90s to prom is a whole other thing. Thankfully, the simple style of the gown made it an easier choice.

"If there had been shoulder pads, I would have [had] to call it quits," she jokes.

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