Buff woman outmuscles male fan on flex cam at football game

One woman outmuscled a male fan at a Philadelphia Soul game on April 12. (Philadelphia Soul/YouTube)

Here's one woman who can outmuscle you any day of the week.

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Above is a video of the "flex cam" that played during the Philadelphia Soul's matchup against the Jacksonville Sharks on April 12, with fans across the arena showing off their muscles. The camera then cuts to one bearded male fan, who enthusiastically shows off his biceps.

However, a female fan sitting behind him takes off her jean jacket, revealing some seriously sculpted arms and shoulders to the delight of the crowd.

"What is this? Oh my goodness!" the announcer proclaims after the woman shows off her jacked muscles. "You've been stoned my brother."

The male fan then sits back down, admitting with a coy smile that he had been outflexed. Check out the awesome video above.
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