Surreal Creamery serving up some really good treats in University City

ByWendy Daughenbaugh WPVI logo
Wednesday, August 10, 2022
Surreal Creamery serving up some really good treats in University City
Surreal Creamery is a spot for indulgent treats, with bubble tea-ice cream concoctions that will satisfy the sweetest tooth.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Surreal Creamery is known for two things: The colorful Flotea: part bubble tea, part soft serve ice cream; and the ice cream mason jars that come in six signature flavors or a make your own option.

The base is a soft serve ice cream of your choice with flavors like Vietnamese coffee and Earl Gray every day.

Then you can add four toppings from syrups, cereals, cookies, whipped cream, boba and chocolate straws.

Surreal creamery is a franchise but Claudia Nguyen and her family fell in love with the concept of mixing bubble tea with ice cream. Claudia's mom is the owner and an Operating Room nurse. Claudia trained the employees -- many of them relatives -- and just started med school.

The soft serve swirling is an art with each dessert usually four to five swirls high.

The menu was designed for the Instagram crowd, with the Taro and Matcha Flotea a fan favorite.

They also make milkshakes, lattes, slushies, and fruit teas.

No matter what you choose, come hungry and be prepared to get creative.

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3816 Chestnut Street, Philadelphia, Pa.

*Order a mason jar and you can keep the jar then bring it back for a dollar off your next mason jar order