16-year-old entrepreneur, Xiomara Vargas, uses pandemic as opportunity to launch Chamoy business

CHICAGO -- A Chicago teen launched a Chamoy company during the pandemic and the sweet and spicy condiment is already a hit!

Xiomara Vargas, with the help of her mother Veronica Vargas, spent her time at home during the pandemic working to create homemade Chamoy recipes.

Chamoy is a Mexican condiment made up of fruits and spices.

It first started as a hobby for Vargas. Once her family members and friends tried her Chamoy, word spread fast.

Soon enough, Vargas said she was getting in orders.

The 16-year-old started her business in July, calling it Sweet Picante.

She already has over 1,000 followers on Sweet Picante's Instagram page.

She said she hopes to open a storefront in the Little Village community where she grew up.

"I've always wanted to make a name for myself, but I just never had the time because of school and outside activities. So quarantine has given me the opportunity and the time to focus on what I want to do," said Vargas.