TaRhonda Thomas' mom responds to her viral pound cake text in 'exclusive interview'

"Mom is always watching you," my mother said.

Thursday, April 28, 2022
TaRhonda's mom responds to her viral pound cake text
"My baby's in Philadelphia so I was watching the news in Philly," said Patricia Thomas, my mom, who lives in Louisiana.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Have you ever said something and immediately knew it was a mistake?

Yeah, that happened to me right on the set of Action News earlier this month.

I was reporting on a story about poundcake and I decided to give props to one local bakery over the ultimate baker - my mother.

And the internet let me have it!

Everyone wants to know now: is my mom mad at me?

I got the answer, in an "exclusive" interview, with Mom.

Just to refresh, here is what I said, "Stocks Bakery on East Lehigh Avenue - that pound cake is the best in the world. Don't tell my mom I said that."

Turns out, nobody had to tell my mom because she was watching.

"My baby's in Philadelphia so I was watching the news in Philly," said Patricia Thomas, my mom.

She was watching Action News from all the way in Louisiana when she heard my perspective on pound cake.

"I'm like, 'Wait a minute! No, she didn't just say that," my mom said.

She was right to feel some type of way. After all, my mom's cooking is legendary, especially when it comes to pound cake.

"Mine has a vanilla, almond flavor to it," my mom said.

That's exactly what she reminded me of when she texted me a photo of her poundcake after the newscast.

"Let me show her my poundcake and I said (in the text), 'I heard what you said,'" my mom said.

Her text went viral when I shared it on my social media accounts, with more than 38,000 likes on Twitter and thousands more on Facebook.

"I'm thinking 'oh lord,'" my mom said at becoming a viral sensation.

Some tweets read into the lack of punctuation.

"Oh my god, the THREAT that I can hear in that short little statement," one tweet said.

Others focused on the cake itself, saying, "The cake has an aura of vengeance."

I asked my mom a question, one familiar to many kids: "Am I in trouble?"

"No, no," she replied. "It's never like that."

So, you see, I will get another slice of my mom's poundcake.

Actually, there's only one slice left of her now-Twitter famous dessert.

"I am extremely flattered," my mom said.

The internet made it clear. No one bakes better than mom because her food comes with love and a lesson.

"Mom is always watching you," she said.