Thanksgiving Leftovers Revived with Top Chef from Buddakan AC

ByBethany Owings WPVI logo
Thursday, November 28, 2019

Thanksgiving IS a day for feasting and the only thing better than the actual feast??? The leftovers. Turkey sandwiches are a staple. But say you want to elevate those post-Thanksgiving meals beyond the basics?

We paired up with Executive Chef Kris Neff of Buddakan Atlantic City for some creative recipes ideas and tips.

Crispy Ham and Turkey and Potato Hash with sunny side eggs and cornbread crumble

o Cast iron crisped honey ham with charred potatoes, sweet peppers, caramelized onions, herbs, Fennel seed, toasted crumbled cornbread and over easy eggs drizzled with spiced ketchup.

Curried Turkey Puff with cucumber yogurt dip

o Empanada style puff filled with chopped turkey, apples, chilies, madras curry fried and served with a cool dipping sauce

Potato, Scallion, Ham and Turkey Croquettes with Applewood smoked bacon gravy

o Herb whipped potatoes folded with chopped ham, diced green beans, scallion formed, cooled and coated with a crispy panko breading

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