A new villain emerges on 'The Bachelor'

ByJennifer Matarese WPVI logo
Tuesday, January 15, 2019

NEW YORK -- Time to get down to business and get to know these ladies. It's week two, and now that Colton sent a few women home last week, he's happy to be going on his first group date. Chris Harrison welcomed the ladies to the show and he urged them to use their time wisely. He left the first date card which read, "Demi, Bri, Tracy, Elise, Hanna G., Nicole, Oneyka, and Catherine, you never forget your first date."

The women loaded up onto a bus and drove off to a theater where they met up with Colton. There were lots of ladies trying to push each other aside to give him a hug hello. Once inside, they had the shock of meeting Nick Offerman and Megan Mullalley. Megan told the story of the first time she "bleeped" someone. She said she went on to "bleep" a lot more people. Nick told a sexy, and might I add an uncomfortable story about the first time he plucked a woman's rose.

They revealed that the eight women on the group date would be performing the stories of their "firsts" in front of an audience of 200 people. Megan and Nick helped the ladies write their stories, as did Colton. He used his time to get to know the women a little better and attempted to put their mind at ease about performing.

Colton kicked off the performances by telling his story about how he told the guys in the locker room that he hadn't had sex with anyone, and the player who had asked him how many people he had slept with told him that Colton's answer of "zero" was "really cool." So he found it empowering to speak his truth. I feel like most of the women's stories were very, very boring. Then, Oneyka told the story of how she stole Colton away from Catherine by saying that he was "Drowning in B*tches," and Catherine used her time to say that she's "a good swimmer." Meantime, Tracy talked about how she took a guy's virginity before, and Nick Offerman called it a cautionary tale for the other women in the house. Demi went last and said that she wanted to kiss a guy at a party and that when she wants something she goes after it, so she went up to Colton in the audience and kissed him and said, "And that is the story about how I got the first date group rose." It was bold!

Later that evening, Colton and the ladies had some drinks and the women got competitive stealing him away. Demi got Colton first, and he told her that he liked her confidence with the kiss. She told Colton that she's a confidence booster and a woman supporter. Then Colton went in for a kiss! The women got mad that she touched the group date rose and said, "Oh it's my rose!" She was kidding, but Tracy was not happy with Demi at all! She also told the women that Colton loved her kiss during the show. They were all bothered.

Elise revealed to Colton that there's a "cougar den" in Bachelor Mansion, haha! All of the 27 and up women ended up in the same room. He seems to like her though and loves that she has some experience in life. He asked her to keep opening up and then went in for the kiss. Tracy told Demi that she was bothered by her picking up the rose. Demi said, "Yeah, I'm totally sorry." HA! Who cares, honestly.

Nicole opened up to Colton and told him that she helps care for her brother with Autism and he was of course, very cool about it. We didn't get to see him talk to a bunch of the other women, but he decided to give the date rose to Elise! Ouch, that's got to hurt Demi's pride!

Everyone found out that Hannah B. AKA Alabama Hannah was getting to go on the one-on-one date with Colton for her birthday. He picked her up in an orange Jeep. Miss Alabama and Miss North Carolina were roommates during the Miss USA pageant and Miss North Carolina says that Alabama Hannah has a "persona" and people will see a "switch flipped." Oooh, can't wait.

Back on the date, Colton and Hannah got onto some horses and they went riding through some rock formations. They stopped at a couch that was set up with a canopy and he asked her to do a toast. She froze. She got incredibly nervous and couldn't do it. She just flubbed the whole thing, it was awful. Colton told her to be herself and said that he could be sympathetic to her because he's been in her shoes before, but nothing seemed to help.

Once in the hot tub, Colton hoped the conversation would start to flow. Hannah even started to tear up! You couldn't help but feel awful for her. She just couldn't seem to pull herself together. Later that evening, they ate on the Queen Mary. She stayed very silent, and Colton told her that he could sense something was off. He told her she doesn't have to try to be perfect, "It's not realistic and it's not life." I felt like we saw her smile and nod almost the entire date. Ugh. Painful! Finally, Hannah decided she would ask Colton why he's a virgin. He said that he pretty much accidentally ended up like that and it just didn't happen. Hannah revealed that she felt guilty that she gave up her virginity to someone that it didn't work out with. Colton loved that she finally had a conversation with him. He told her that he likes this Hannah so much more than the one that clammed up and pretended to be perfect. Regardless of the earlier dumpster fire, he offered Hannah the rose and then they watched some fireworks and kissed. Not a bad end to her birthday!

The second group date card arrived and it read, "Alex, Erica, Katie, Caelynn, Sidney, Taysha, Nina, Kirpa, Caitlin, Courtney, Cassie, and never been kissed Heather, I camp fight this feeling anymore." Comedian and actor Billy Eichner, Chris Harrison and Colton met the group of women for a day of camp fun! Chris told them there would be two teams and that only one team would get to spend the night at a campout with Colton. They did a few challenges including the egg on the spoon, canoeing, and of course, it all came down to the tug-of-war. The red team won! The yellow team cried as they walked away.

The evening portion of camp kicked off with a campfire. Colton told Katie that it was sexy seeing her get competitive. So, he was into it. Katie told him that if ever he doesn't feel something with her to tell her. He said it wasn't the case and kissed her! "You make me jittery." Aww.

Heather said told Cassie that she's going to tell Colton that she's never kissed anyone, and she told her to go for it. But she's worried that's all he's going to see of her and think she's not ready for marriage. She told him, "So I'm a virgin, but also I've never kissed anyone before." Colton told her he would never think less of her because of it. Heather said that she knows who she is, and Colton said that he understands that she won't settle. There was an awkward silence, and it seemed like he was going to go in for a kiss, but he didn't. I think he will maybe give her a one-on-one to give her a perfect date complete with a kiss, we'll have to wait and see.

Back at the house, Hannah G. told Hannah B. that Miss North Carolina is fake and the only person in the world she has a problem with. They both made shocked faces and have bonded over their shared names...probably.

Meantime, Miss North Carolina shared that she loves to visit kids in hospitals like Colton does and then they spent the rest of the time kissing. In the end, he decided to give the group date rose to Heather for being open and honest and true to who she is. With that, he asked the ladies if he could walk them to their cabin for the night.

The next day, it was already time for the cocktail party leading up to the rose ceremony. Courtney used her time to talk about her family and how she has a two-year-old sister, so that means she's ready to have her own family. Sidney wanted to show Colton her "deeper side." She revealed that she cheated during the camp games, so if he's into that, she's golden. Oneyka blew an air horn and then made a grand entrance to her "time" with Colton. She told him she was a little bit "horny" because she's excited to see him. Oy. Sidney was on a mission to get her time back so she banged on a baking sheet and then a pot until Oneyka left. Sidney is way more fun than I thought! Let's hope Colton keeps her around.

As Colton was talking to Tracy, who is throwing a strong Shelley Duvall vibe, Demi showed up to interrupt in a bathrobe. She said she needed to show him something and Colton was definitely intrigued. One of the women said, "Does she not have parents?!" about Demi - hilarious! She gave him a massage and said, "Wouldn't you like to come home to this?" Afterwards, she came downstairs and bragged to the ladies about how well her time went.

The girls told Demi that she destroyed Tracy, but she didn't care. She said she was getting a cougar attack and wasn't into it. Despite not caring, Demi went upstairs talk to Tracy anyway. As Tracy sobbed in her room, Demi pretty much called her a fool and walked out. Then, it was time for Colton to make his decisions.

Colton gave roses to:

1) Elise (group date)

2) Hannah B (Alabama Hannah)

3) Heather (group date)

4) Taysha

5) Cassie

6) Caelynn (Miss North Carolina)

7) Courtney

8) Demi

9) Nicole

10) Kirpa

11) Hannah G. (the first impression rose winner)

12) Catherine

13) Bri

14) Sidney (yay! she deserves this one)

15) Oneyka

16) Katie

17) Caitlin

18) Nina

19) Tracy (really? another week of crying)

Next week, the pageant queens faceoff and Demi ups her game even more! And we thought Catherine would be the problem after night one, but she's been relatively quiet.