Arrests made after police break up large party outside 'Jersey Shore' house

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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Governor Murphy said the scenes like the one at Seaside Heights need to stop.

SEASIDE HEIGHTS, New Jersey -- YouTube pranksters targeted a house on the Jersey Shore for their latest exploit which ended up attracting thousands of people without masks or social distancing.

The Nelk Boys took up residence at the Seaside Heights house made famous on MTV's "Jersey Shore" and announced it to their 5.7 million followers on Monday night.

About 1,000 people showed up for the pranksters' merchandise drop, upsetting the mayor and residents of Seaside Heights.

"We don't want this kind of activity this could have created, it did create, not could have. It did create a fear factor in our community," said Mayor Tony Vas.

Some residents admitted they found themselves on the fringe of the unauthorized block party.

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"The kids are on the middle of the street on the roofs of cars yelling and screaming. Later on that night, I went to Steaks Unlimited and they had a mosh pit and I was right in the middle of it," said resident Shawn Donway.

"None of the kids, not one of them, had a mask on, absolutely nothing. And like I said, we've had some of the lowest rates, now you gotta worry about going to get tested again because of what happened yesterday," said resident Lori Moller.

Police were called in from up and down the shore.

"They were jumping fences, bothering parking lot attendants, bothering motel owners. This can't be," Vas said.

On Wednesday, Gov. Phil Murphy addressed the "knucklehead behavior" during his scheduled coronavirus briefing.

"On Monday we saw most extreme... and egregious display of knucklehead behavior in Seaside Heights thanks to YouTube pranksters who succeeded in getting the notoriety they wanted, but obviously don't deserve," he said. "It was irresponsible from top to bottom in every respect."

Vas said he's focused on flipping his town.

"Most of you know my administration was anti-Snooki, anti-rowdiness, family image changing, concerts and such. Things were going great," Vas said.

The owner of the house told the Nelk Boys to pack their bags and hit the road.

Five people were arrested and the homeowner is facing a stack of violations.