Wings and fried donuts clash in New Jersey "Chopped" Champion's "The Wing Kitchen"

Thursday, February 20, 2020
Wings and fried donuts clash in "The Wing Kitchen!"
Imagine a glazed donut lathered in buttermilk and dipped in a fryer. It's a reality at this South Jersey restaurant. Community Journalist Matteo takes us there.

TURNERSVILLE, N.J. -- Timothy Witcher is a father, teacher, and your neighborhood celebrity chef.

The Willingboro native is starting a huge new chapter of his life. Not only does he have a newborn coming home soon, but he's also getting ready to raise another kind of baby:- a second restaurant.

The former "Chopped" champion is the executive chef at The Wing Kitchen, a small nook on the golfing greens of Wedgwood Country Club in Turnersville, NJ. It's a tiny shop with big flavors and an even bigger heart. After sparking conversation about his electric wings and fried donuts throughout the neighborhood, he's preparing to open a second location in Glassboro near Rowan University. He hopes to bring comfort food to many college campuses in the area and across the nation.

Timothy Witcher was fascinated by culinary arts since he was five years old. He fell in love with the stories of his grandfather, who was a big-time chef in New York. Never having met his grandfather, Witcher looked to his mother to learn the universal language of food.

Working his way up the totem pole by cooking at hotels and the Wachovia Center, Witcher landed a spot on television. However, he got "chopped" his first time on the Food Network competition of the same name. His wife and kids encouraged him to give it a second shot. When he did, his dishes evaded the chopping block at every turn. Becoming the champion, many wondered when he would open his own restaurant.

After some pop-up stints cooking chicken wings, the culinary teacher at Camden County Technical School and his partner officially created the "Wing Kitchen," Each flavor is made with home-style love, as if grandma were cooking it on Thanksgiving. Chef sprinkles his special "Love Mix" on his delicious wings, tenders, and fries. The most unique creation at The Wing Kitchen is the buttermilk fried donut. Witcher "dresses up" your typical glazed donut and transforms its potential beyond your wildest dreams. Golden-fried and dusted with powdered sugar, the confection is made into perfection with a dip into signature salted caramel sauce.

Witcher hopes to continue bringing The Wing Kitchen to college campuses, providing warm comfort food to students who are far from home. At the end of the day, he teaches his customers, students, and especially children how to love what you do and never give up... even if you get chopped.

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