Nora the Piano Cat still on key after 13 years of internet fame

Friday, February 28, 2020
Nora the Piano Cat still on key after 13 years of internet fame
Once a stray cat in the streets... now immortalized on the internet with her special talent. Community Journalist Matteo meets Nora the Piano Cat.

PHILADELPHIA, Pa. -- A musical couple lives in perfect harmony with their cat, Nora. Born in 2004, the gray tabby was rescued off the streets of Camden, New Jersey. Burnell Yow! and Betsy Alexander, two musicians and artists, adopted her.

Betsy is an avid pianist who provides lessons to locals. With music constantly ringing throughout the house, it's no wonder why Nora, the cat, picked up an ear for it. One day, she hopped up on the bench and began to play the piano herself.

It's been 13 years since they uploaded the now-famous videos to a new website called "YouTube."

The first day, they were nearly disturbed to receive a whopping 71 views. But there was little time to wonder who was watching their home videos. Instead, it was easier to wonder who was not watching them.

Millions of views later, Nora the Piano Cat has inspired many around the world, sparking art, poetry, and a passion for music for many captivated by her talents.

The family insists this is not a trick they taught the cat. Rather, it is the product of curiosity and the inquisitive nature of a house pet in a musical family. "She's our muse," Betsy says. Nora has certainly changed the way this family sees the world and music.

Nora is showing no signs of slowing down. Her "Purrsonal Assistants" are publishing a book from Nora's perspective in April. It is titled, "Nora the Piano Cat's Guide to Living the Purr-fect Life." They are also working on some top-secret musical endeavors to find more creative ways to share the inspirational story of Nora's life.

The couple hopes their pet will help humans learn to coexist with other critters like Nora. Watch our video to see how Nora honed her skills and inspired people from around the world.

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