Runner clocks 20.20 miles to raise money for the Class of 2020

Sunday, May 3, 2020
Runner clocks 20.20 miles to raise money for the Class of 2020
"Every step is a step of love, you know, it's a step saying I'm here for you." Community Journalist Matteo has more on this fundraiser for Collingswood High School's Class of 2020.

COLLINGSWOOD, N.J. -- 20.20 miles around Knight Park was not Patrick Rodio's first rodeo.

The avid runner was itching for a challenge after the COVID-19 pandemic held up many community runs and marathons at the starting line.

He decided to combine his fitness with his love for the Collingswood community, creating a fundraiser titled, "Rodio's 20.20 Mile Run for the Class of 2020."

The cloud cover early Sunday morning kept the 47-year-old cool when he started his own personal marathon. Around 8:00am, he met with fellow community leaders and students outside of Collingswood High School, where Rodio sent both of his children.

Donned with masks and waving posters, graduating seniors were excited to support a cause that benefited their class.

"We're losing some of the classic senior moments, but we're creating some different ones," said Collingswood High School senior, Claudia Celia.

Those moments will be memorialized in the graduating class' yearbook. However, some students at the high school are not able to afford one for themselves.

That's why Rodio's run, in partnership with Collingswood Cares, raised about $3,000 so far. The funds will be used to provide yearbooks to students who cannot afford the physical book printed with memories from their final year of high school. Any additional funds will support students with college scholarships.

To learn more about the mission or to donate, visit their website.

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