"Game of Throws" catapults high school students to futures in engineering

Thursday, February 20, 2020
"Game of Throws" catapults high school students to futures in engineering
When tossing ping pong balls and beanbags by hand is too easy, these students invent catapults. Community Journalist Matteo reports.

SICKLERVILLE, N.J. -- The battle of the best student engineers commenced this morning when beanbags began soaring through the air.

The competition, fondly referred to as "Game of Throws," was the 16th iteration of the Black Horse Pike Regional School District's annual Tech Challenge. Every year, students are tasked with crafting mechanisms to wage a friendly war. Last year, the sport was bowling. This year, it was catapult pong.

It's a lesson of trial and error. Competitors missed many shots before finding the perfect angle.

This is especially helpful for the many students interested in pursuing careers in STEAM-related fields. Aidan Kuriger, a senior at Timber Creek High School, tells us he will be attending West Virginia University to study aerospace engineering. He has fascination with planes and engineering started as a child and were further cultivated by this high school program.

Mike Smith, a Technology Education Teacher at Timber Creek, is thrilled to see students come through the program and get excited about potential careers. Students of all backgrounds are able to find something they enjoy about researching, crafting, or competing with catapults that can influence their career trajectory.

The competition was ultimately conquered by Mike Henry and Kevon Johnson, two juniors from Timber Creek High School. Students from Triton High School and Highland High School also fought valiantly in the battle.

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