Top 6 Outdoor Workouts: Royal Fitness in Barrington, NJ keeping seniors active

BARRINGTON, New Jersey (WPVI) -- Royal Fitness in Barrington, New Jersey has been a town staple for 40 years.

Get this - it's the longest operating health club in the Delaware Valley, with the same ownership and management. And when you come here, you can see why!

"I think that it's family owned and operated it's not a big box gym, people like the family atmosphere. They know if they have a question or concern that we're hands-on and we answer it," Pat Sieck, co-owner of Royal Fitness, said.

They have everything from a fully stocked weight area, cardio space, yoga room, swimming pool, and a huge outdoor tent, which holds 50 socially distanced classes a week, no matter the weather or the age of the athlete!

Danielle Zacamy is the fitness director at Royal Fitness.

"We brought these classes outside, and we started in May, and it was beautiful out. As it got hot, we got a tent for our seniors, we handed out cold towels for them in the summer and now we're supplying heaters for them. And they keep coming back," Zacamy said.

Marilyn Patterson, a member of the gym's senior crowd, has kept on "coming back" for 6 years now.

"Number one, the exercise is good for you to get you out of the house, the socialization, it's getting back with friends that you've known and worked out with," Patterson said. "Outstanding, friendly, kind, courteous, thoughtful, family, it's like a big reunion every day."

Sieck added to Marilyn's testimony.

"Our seniors are really active, they realize the importance of exercise, and helps boost the immune system. They trust us, they see what we're doing, and they appreciate what we're doing, and it's helping them!" Sieck said.

The gym sometimes has classes with up to 50 seniors in it.

Zacamy thinks it's all about being safe and feeling happy.

"I'm happy to see them. They're happy to see us. We're all suffering here so we just want to make them happy and we will do anything to make them feel safe," Zacamy said.
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