Toys for Tots volunteers needed to make season bright for kids

Wednesday, November 23, 2016
VIDEO: Toys for Tots making season bright for kids
Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season. But for some families, it's hard to make ends meet.

HORSHAM, Pa. (WPVI) -- Thanksgiving ushers in the holiday season. But for some families, it's hard to make ends meet. That's why Santa's helpers at Toys for Tots are working hard to make the season bright for kids in need all across our area.

The Glenside chapter of Toys for Tots has a full warehouse today and lots of volunteers. But Christmas 2016 presents a lot of needs.

This chapter provides toys all across Montgomery County and western Bucks County.

Nearly 12,500 children were served last year, and this year even more requests will be coming in.

Guy Vogel from Toys for Tots explains, "Right now we're not even at Thanksgiving yet and my count is just about eight thousand kids already."

For many of those who volunteer to sort out toys and pack them for pick-up before Christmas day, this has become an annual labor of love.

Take Francis O'Connor, a Marine Corps veteran, for example.

"Very fulfilling," O'Connor said. "I can sit back on Christmas Day and I can have a smile on my face."

For others this is a first time experience.

Kelly Griffis says, "They needed help sorting toys and counting toys, filling orders. And I had off this week and I am a mom of two little kids, and I couldn't think of a better way to spend my week."

Kenya Minor had similar feelings, telling us, "Making the kids happy on Christmas Day. Making sure they get everything they want, which is listed on this paper. So, just making the kids happy."

More toy donations are needed. So are many more volunteers as this operation heads towards Christmas.

Guy Vogel says, "We need people here to pack these orders. They don't get packed on their own. So, we definitely need a lot of help out here."

Obviously, it's not the North Pole. But in a sense, it is a Santa's Workshop - volunteer elves preparing Christmas gifts for children who otherwise could have a lean holiday season.