Calling all Trekkies! Star Trek themed home for sale in Texas

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

FRIENDSWOOD, Texas (WPVI) -- If you are a Star Trek fan looking to buy a home, you may be in luck.

This five bedroom house in Friendswood, Texas features a life-size replica of the Star Trek Enterprise in the form of a massive movie theatre, with a high-tech projection screen and command center that doubles as a home office.

It also includes spaceship-inspired bunk beds, a 'Trekkie' kitchen and dining room, outer space ceilings and even a futuristic bathroom.

The current owner is a chemical engineer & Star Trek fanatic who wanted to pay tribute to the Sci-Fi series he loved as a child. "My brother was always a big dreamer and he loved the stars," Afsoon Erfan's says. "He said if I can't go to the stars, then I'm going to bring the stars to me."

The eye-catching interiors were designed and built by Derek Biddinger, owner of Tiny Town Studios. Derek has been a master 'theme builder' since 1997 , and says this was his first Star Trek project.

"I wasn't really a Star Trek fan, so I had a lot of homework and research to do." Derek says. "I did hours of google searches and watched a lot of videos to pull ideas before I put them on paper."

The 6,389 square-foot mansion also includes a tropical indoor pool and medieval-themed bedroom, fit for a king.

"I've been in the real estate business for 13 years, and have never seen anything quite like this," says William Machupa with 1st Texas Realtors. "I'm having a blast showing this unique and cool house. It's a lot of fun."

The 'out of this world' custom home is currently on the market for $1.26 million.

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