Hilarious Challenge: Blogger Uses Egg to Apply Makeup

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Friday, March 24, 2017
Makeup artist uses hard boiled egg as beauty blender
A makeup artist in Michigan took a crack at applying a full face of makeup using a hard boiled egg.

There may be a little egg on his face, but a funny, talented, and brave makeup artist by the name of NADI took a crack at turning a food favorite into a beauty tool and the results are hilarious!

The Michigan-based lifestyle blogger, and creator of PopLuxe, decided to apply a full face of makeup using a hard boiled egg.

The Egg Challenge was all part of the first "Project Object" series where fans get to suggest unusual items for NADI to apply makeup with.

Though NADI admits it smelled a bit like sewage, he says he was very impressed with how it worked.

The blogger called the peeled egg squishy, refreshing, and flexible enough to apply concealer.

Another makeup artist, by the name of Esther Gbudje, also swapped a sponge for a boiled egg.

Though the mother of three didn't use the breakfast staple to apply her eye makeup, it was quite successful when it came to concealing and contouring.