Pediatric cancer nonprofit tries to get Sean 'Diddy' Combs' support with viral video

ByKemberly Richardson WABC logo
Wednesday, January 22, 2020
Nonprofit for pediatric cancer tries to get rapper Sean Combs' support with viral video
Kemberly Richardson reports on the kids' goal to raise more awareness about pediatric cancer.

LARCHMONT, Westchester County -- In the song "Bad Boy for Life," rapper Diddy says, 'We ain't going nowhere" -- and now, those words are the inspiration for a group of young cancer patients.

The kids have either beaten cancer or are still battling cancer, and they hope to attract the attention of the rapper and entrepreneur.

One of the kids joining the movement is a 4-year-old Cassidy Kline, from Westchester County.

She was eager to show Eyewitness News her toys and loves talking about when she got her now 7-month-old puppy Olivia.

"She kept growing and growing and growing," she said.

The very confident little girl and her family belong to the nonprofit organization Fighting All Monsters.

They just put out a new video with close to half a million views.

The kids from all over the country are battling cancer, and Fighting All Monsters (FAM) is hoping it catches the attention of rapper Sean Combs.

"Diddy, come on our kids are waiting, we need you, let's go," Cassidy's mother Janine Kline said.

The video is set to his hit song "Bad Boys for Life," which is FAM'S unofficial anthem.

"It just fit, like cancer, you're bad, but we're badder," Janine Kline said. "We're not going anywhere. We're unstoppable. We're going to fight for our kids."

The end goal is that hopefully Combs sees the video and will then dance with the kids -- and in the process raise more awareness about pediatric cancer.

Even Snoop Dogg is urging Diddy to get on board.

Last year, doctors told the Klines that their daughter had a rare type of cancer, stage 4 rhabdomyosarcoma.

"You don't expect that," Janine said. "You're going through normal rhythm of life, and it was devastating."

But the spunky little girl has quickly responded to chemotherapy and is back in pre-K with her friends.

"It's my best school ever," Cassidy said.

Moreover, she's looking forward to dancing with Diddy.