Philadelphia business helping seniors in need by selling Thanksgiving dishes from top chefs

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Monday, November 16, 2020
Buy delicious Thanksgiving dishes while helping seniors
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A South Philadelphia business is helping to feed seniors in need by selling Thanksgiving delicacies from top chefs in the city.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Earlier this year, we told you about a local t-shirt campaign called "We Are Philly."

They've sold more than 10,000 shirts to date, with the proceeds sending essential boxes of food to our neighbors in need. They're now expanding the effort as we head into Thanksgiving.

It's called Holiday Wishes and Dishes.

Giordano's Garden Groceries in South Philadelphia curated a menu of Thanksgiving delicacies from dozens of the city's top chefs that you can order a la carte to add to your home dinner.

The money sends hundreds of boxes of food to local seniors who are in need and have been very isolated.

"We have a lot of food-insecure areas and we are not forgetting about our seniors," says Marcello Giordano from Giordano's Garden Groceries.

Through the campaign, you can order a whole Thanksgiving meal, or just the sides from restaurants like Vernick, Barbuzzo, Mercado, Butcher Bar, Jose Pistolas, Relish and more.

"You know the recipes are going to be good because they are from all the chefs and restaurants here," says restauranteur Marcie Turney. "I just think it's awesome. You can add any of the items you might need. I'm all about convenience. "

Turney, along with restauranteur Ben Bynum, who is also participating, both tell us how critical the support is for their small businesses. They are happy to be a part of this collaboration that also gives back.

These projects also help them stay afloat.

"My brother has a phrase, 'be nimble or be gone.' I think that's really the mentality that everyone in the business right now needs to adopt," Bynum says.

Restaurants are in a critical spot right now, especially with indoor dining shutting down again on Friday.

You can order these dishes through November 23 and pick up as late as noon on Thanksgiving Day at Giordano's.

They also plan to bring the Holiday Wishes and Dishes this campaign back for Christmas as well.