Jersey shore prepares for mild to moderate tidal flooding

Trish Hartman Image
Wednesday, October 9, 2019
Coastal Flooding conderns in N.J. as storm lurks offshore
Residents and businesses prepare for effects of a storm as reported by Trish Hartman during Action News at 4 on October 9, 2019.

SHIP BOTTOM, N.J. (WPVI) -- Officials at the Jersey shore are preparing for minor to moderate tidal flooding over the next few days, along with strong winds.

"It can be bad over there," pointing to a main intersection in Ship Bottom, N.J. "It can come up really high and the cars have to slow down because of the wakes and whatnot."

Gould works in Ship Bottom in the center of town, and sees the problems drivers can have when the tide comes in.

"Sometimes cars stall out going a bit too fast. But other than that most people know how to deal with it," said Gould.

Over the next few days, minor to moderate flooding is expected at the Jersey shore. Officials say folks should secure any loose objects or bring them inside, with 35-45 mph wind gusts expected.

Emergency management officials say while this is a busy season, most locals know what to do in an event like this.

"Most people who live here are aware of what's going to happen and at what point," said Beverly Tromm, Office of Emergency Management Deputy Coordinator for Beach Haven, N.J.

Tromm has photos of the damage from Sandy in 2012 hanging on her office wall. On LBI, she helps organize regular flood resource events. She says they're not well-attended.

Her fear? That people won't prepare for another big storm.

"The storm happened 7 years ago so they're tending to think it won't happen again. Maybe it won't but our flood waters every year get deeper and deeper," said Tromm.

Officials encourage people to sign up to receive your Nixle alerts, which send important information for your municipality right to your cell phone.