Temperatures and excitement rise for DNC

CENTER CITY (WPVI) -- While the excitement is rising for the Democratic National Convention, so is the temperature.

Delegates will need to prepare for some of the hottest days we've had in four years.

Temperatures will soar into the high 90s next week, but it was still hot for those outside Thursday.

The humidity wasn't oppressive, but the discomfort is enough to drive even the bravest souls inside.

Jose DeMarco with the organization Act Up says just the thought of today's temperatures made him break a sweat.

"Perspiration, that was my immediate reaction," Demarco said.

DeMarco and about thirty other dedicated demonstrators marched down JFK Boulevard in Center City to protest police brutality.

In the days leading up to and during the DNC, you'll see temperatures rise and the number of demonstrations increase.

The city has already granted 21 protest permits and an additional six are pending.

An unruly crowd is one concern, the unrelenting heat is another.

Police Commissioner Richard Ross worries about protesters and the officers protecting them.

"The heat is going to be excessive next week. I'm concerned about everybody involved. The police officers that will be standing on those lines, as well the protesters, some of them may overestimate their ability to walk in some of these demonstrations," Ross said.

Each day next week, the city will drop off three pallets of water in demonstration areas where there is none readily available.

The fire department will place hydrant spray caps along demonstration routes and two misting locations will be set up.

DeMarco says with or without the city's resources, his mission comes with no vacation days.

"It's social justice. Social injustice doesn't take a day off," DeMarco said.
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