Have you turned on the heat? The debate is real

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Monday, September 21, 2020
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When do you turn on the heat? As it turns out - this debate over when to turn on the heat is real.

Over the years, many of you have perhaps gleaned Brian Taff's affinity for summer. In fact, in his own humble opinion - it's the superior season.

But on Saturday, he says he came to terms with the fact that fall is here. And he dove in, lighting a fire in the yard and the fireplace, and yes - he turned on the heat.

So, you can imagine his reaction when Adam Joseph, a fall enthusiast, tweeted this today.

Adam Joseph, writing, "I told Karl no heater until November 1st. He's cheating and not listening."

As it turns out - the debate over when to turn on the heat is real.

A recent study found that the indoor temperature is the cause of an average of three fights per week in the colder months, and one in five couples even question their relationship over their thermostat differences.

Jessica, an Action News producer, said she even copped to changing the password to her nest so that her husband Andrew can't turn off the heat.

So, she also took to twitter today posing this question: When is it acceptable to put on the heat?

Adam says November, and at last check, most were in agreement with Adam.

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