Wilmington, Delaware entrepreneur creates app to support Black-owned businesses

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- An entrepreneur from Wilmington, Delaware, saw a great need to promote Black-owned businesses with the big push nationwide to "Buy Black."

Leonard Young created the app National Black Guide LLC, which launched in September of 2020.

Young says he was drawn to do more with the harsh reality of racial inequality being at the forefront of issues.

"With the pandemic, with George Floyd, you know we really wanted to create something that could help Black businesses because a lot of times we hear they don't get the proper funding. They don't get the proper visibility," Young said.

The National Black Guide is a free app and features Black-owned businesses in any city. It can connect anyone with a Black-owned business from restaurants, retail, real estate, and more.

The business-savvy couple, Leonard and his wife Yolanda, said they look forward to more Black-owned businesses reaching out to be featured.

"Both of us, being Black entrepreneurs, we understand the struggle," he said.

The National Black Guide app already has more than one million users.

"This is a form of giving back. This is a form of helping to recycle our dollars.

This is a form for us to be able to pay it forward and really help our community," Yolanda Young said.

She adds the National Black Guide is all about giving back while buying Black.
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