Wilmington woman teaches I.T. to help change lives

WILMINGTON, Delaware (WPVI) -- On Saturday, Action News met with a teacher and three students in a classroom where the topic was all things I.T.

"I feel like I'm saving their lives, and they feel like that too," said Kate Brown, who is an IT specialist at Reginald Noble Tech.

Brown says most of her students are single fathers, have a non-violent criminal record, and no way to earn an honest, livable wage.

"It gives me a sense of counting. In the world, you either count or you don't count," said Semaj Deshields of Wilmington.

Trevor Duval of Wilmington said, "Every day I learn something different and something new."

Although Duval does not have a criminal record, he says he made mistakes in the past as well.

Brown meets with the men every Saturday now at the Achievement Center in Wilmington.

"We put together a lesson plan, a curriculum, and we're training these guys to test software," said Brown.

Brown is also helping the three men and two others form their own LLC.

"Being the job, as opposed to looking for a job, is a whole lot better position to be in," said Deshields.

Together they hope to achieve success and prove you can change your life.

"People from all walks of life make mistakes," said Deshields. "Everybody deserves a chance or a second chance in our case."

Duval said, "This is going to grow into something enormous and something big. The best thing about Kate is that she sees the greatness in people that they don't see in themselves."

Brown has big plans for this program and hopes to move the program into Philadelphia next.
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