South Philadelphia woman opens gym where women can Train and Nourish

SOUTH PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- As we celebrate Women's History Month, we're shining the spotlight on a fitness studio in South Philadelphia that's by women and for women.

Jenna Fisher created Train & Nourish, a specially curated wellness space where ladies can feel comfortable and catered to.

"Over time, I had this pattern of women feeling that intimidation factor of being inside of a larger gym," she explained. "I wanted to build a space where women could feel comfortable to do movements on their own, with a trainer or with other women and not feel that intimidation factor."

Having gone through a weight loss transformation of her own, Fisher offers classes, training sessions and nutritional services.

Stephanie Zola found the space after the birth of her child.

"This is a completely judge-free zone and there are only women who are dealing with similar things that I've dealt with," said Zola. "It's just really reassuring."

After being closed for seven months last year because of COVID-19, Fisher is celebrating two years here in South Philadelphia and credits her loyal community of female supporters.

She's also now opening a second location at Spring Garden and Fairmount.
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