Mrs. Fixit: Antiseptic Mouthwash

January 8, 2009 5:24:04 AM PST
Antiseptic mouthwash is designed to kill germs in your mouth and keep your teeth clean. So, why not use it to clean and disinfect other things like your bathroom?

To clean the toilet a half a cup of mouthwash in the toilet is all you need. Just pour it in, swish it around and flush! it'll kill the germs!!

A toothbrush dipped in mouthwash will help clean grout and inhibit mold growth. It's also strong enough to cut easily through hard water stains and build-up.

Use a little on a lint free cloth to shine up mirrors and disinfect medicine cabinet handles, faucets and flush levers.

Have a blemish? Use a cotton swab to dab some mouthwash on the area, it'll kill the bacteria and clear up the blemish.

You can use the same principle if you have a cut or a scrape and no antiseptic cream or wipes. The mouthwash will clean and disinfect in one quick step!

Some easy and innovative ideas to swish around! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.