On the Net: Studying made easy

January 28, 2009 8:57:11 PM PST
FIRST PARAGRAPHLearning, easier

College students often find themselves in this quandary: a lot of expenses without a lot of cash. Now, some area students are finding there may be a way to keep that wallet full and keep up with your studies at the same time.

StudyBlue.com claims to have one goal, to have students study smarter, not harder. The website provides you with all the learning tools you need in one place, for any subject. You'll access students studying from the same books, along with their notes, flash cards and outlines. And here's where it gets good, Temple University and Rutgers students can now earn up to $5,000 a semester by contributing to site.

LINK: http://www.studyblue.com

An Active You

It may not look like a professional fitness training website, but that's the point. Active.com now has a new section that follows 16 participants, everyday people like you, who are on the road to their goals.

Their site highlights 4 teams for 5 months and each team has different objectives. You can even follow along with the program of your choice by downloading the training plan, and for the rest of January it's free!

LINK: http://www.Active.com

On-the-Go Literature

If you are constantly on the go and don't know when you're going to sneak in a few quiet minutes to read a book, we have a solution for you. DailyLit.com sends books in installments via e-mail or RSS feed to users to take a bite out of a book, a little at a time. The book snippets arrive in your inbox according to the schedule you set. And, if you have more time to read, you can immediately receive more!

The site currently offers over 1000 classic and contemporary books for free or on a Pay-Per-Read basis.

LINK: http://www.DailyLit.com

Pet Monster

If your child has been pressuring you for a cute pooch but you're not quite sure if anyone is ready for the commitment, we may have an alternative. Moshimonsters.com is a free interactive online game for kids. On the site they can adopt and look after a virtual pet monster. Kids care for their monsters by solving puzzles.

Your child can also interact with friends on the site. It's a great way to keep your child's brain active while teaching them some responsibility.

LINK: http://www. Moshimonsters.com

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