Actions News Product Test: PediPaws

January 30, 2009 8:40:46 PM PST
Clipping and filing your pets' nails isn't easy to do yourself. But it's expensive to have someone else do it all the time. The makers of the PediPaws nail trimmer claim their product can come to you and your pet's rescue. But does this really work?

Pets are putting up their paws all across America because they want to get pawed, PediPaws.

The makers of PediPaws claim their twenty-dollar product is a fast and gentle way to trim your pets nails in the comfort of your own home.

With PediPaws you have perfect control.

Carol Rautenstrauch said her dogs, Zoe and Molly, hate getting their nails clipped.

"I usually take the kids to a groomer, I've never done their nails myself but there were times I wish I could."

Carol said professional pedicures for Zoe and Molly cost her twenty-dollars every other month. She's hoping PediPaws will help eliminate that bill.

The product works by using a rotating filing head. It's supposed to guide you so you don't hurt your pet. The makers of the device also claim it not only trims nails it also smoothes out jagged edges.

"If it works it's a great thing for dogs."

First Carol tried PediPaws on Zoe whom she's described as pretty "laid back". The sound of the tool doesn't seem to bother her.

But, when Carol tried to groom Zoe's nails, she wanted nothing of it! Carol tried over and over again with Zoe, but with no success.

As for Molly, Carol can't get her to cooperate either.

So, what does Carol think of PediPaws?

"You really will have to have a very complacent dog that is going to sit there for however long it's going to take."

Action News also took PediPaws to a pro. Gwendolyn Carry owns Chez Bow Wow Pet Spa.

"Nail clipping is a tough issue. They've all had different experiences in the past," she said.

Gwendolyn agreed to try out PediPaws on some of her favorite clients. All the dogs were somewhat apprehensive. Our pro said although she was able to use PediPaws to file the dogs nails, she's not completely sold on the product.

"The only person I would recommend it to is somebody that had a lot of time."

The PediPaws company told Action News, when it comes to grooming "every pet reacts differently".

PediPaws also provided a list of tips for pet owners to follow to try to ensure the pet has a positive experience.

PediPaws Statement:
When it comes to grooming, every pet reacts differently. Some are easy going while others take more time to become acclimated to the process. Since coming to market, PediPaws? has become the best selling grooming product in the country. By following the directions provided in the brochure and on our online video demonstration, TeleBrands is confident that you and your pet will have a positive experience.

Helpful Tips from PediPaws:

Allow your pet time to become acclimated to all aspects of the product ? the sound, the vibration and the feel. Some dogs take to PediPaws faster than others so you may want to consider introducing the product over several days.

Use treats and praise throughout the nail trimming process.

Find a position that works best for both you and your pet. Have them sit on your lap, lie on their back or on their side.

Remember that you are in charge. The more assertive you are, the more comfortable your pet will be.