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January 28, 2010 9:43:38 AM PST
Our featured Tuned In artist(s) this week is Chamber Soul. This is a soul/jazz/blues band based in Zurich, Switzerland with local ties. Lead singer, Brandy Butler, recently moved there after growing up here in the Philadelphia area. Along with her brother, Bill Butler, she currently runs a non-profit agency entitled "The Philadelphia Sessions". This agency provides assistance to local artists in our area. Her band has a truly international connection with a touch of Philadelphia soul at its heart. In a radical gesture of musical intimacy, Chamber Soul strips modern soul music down to its barest elements: one voice, one horn, one string. Using the vision of classical chamber music where a small group performs inside the close quarters of private salons, Chamber Soul's music delivers this trio into the innermost chambers of listening. The result is unexpectedly explosive.

Straight from the core of modern soul, Chamber Soul's dynamic grooves wrap around your heart.

Compact, yet emotionally complicated and playful, Chamber Soul offers a musical package where each song manages to hit close to home.

BRANDY BUTLER (1979) Known for her warm smoky voice and inviting smile, Ms. Butler is a "classical songstress in a modern dayworld."

A native of the greater Philadelphia area, she moved to Switzerland in the fall of 2002. Originally searching for the opportunity to travel and bit of quiet after completing an intense bachelors study in jazz flute performance, Ms. Butler spent one year of solidarity before her music career spring into action.

In just four short years Ms. Butler has managed to create an impressive musical resume working with not only top swiss artists, but international artists as well including Roachford, Sophie Hunger, Brothertunes, Florian Ast, Sina, Rolf Stahlhofen, Adrian Stern, Kisha, Myrto, Paulo Mendonca, The Dankner, Michael Von der Heide, Nubya, Bo Katzman, Sandee, Domenico Ferrari, Phenomden and The Scrucialists

Her other current musical endeavors include King Kora, urban griot music,Jane Hurricane and the Fonxionaires, a northern soul cover band, Pure Ella, an Ella Fitzgerlad tribute show, The Soulmaniacs, a Zürich based soul cover band, Chamber Soul, chamber music in a modern soul context, Dee Day Dub, Züri-trendy dub, and Ms. Brandy's Open Mic, Zürich's hippest open mic for open people.

ROMAN HOSEK (1976) plays acoustic and electric guitars, sings, plays drums, bass, rudimentary lap slide dobro, and works with computers and music. His instrumental diversity allows him to feel at home with many musical styles including Jazz, Hip-hop, Soul, Funk, Blues, Pop, Rock, Reggae, Latin and Folk. Since finishing his diplomas in music performance and in music education(guitar instruction) at the Jazz school of Luzerne, Roman has been in numerous bands, ensembles and artistic projects.

He has worked with performers such as The Scrucialists, Lee Everton, DJ Cutmando, Brandy Butler (US), Shabani, Bligg, Chanj (US), Ashley Phillips (US), Prekmurski Cavboici, Michael Flury (Sophie Hunger), Slädu Perica, and Emel. Swiss producers include Dan Suter and Fred Hermann.

Roman is currently a member of Chamber Soul, Shabani and the Broken Flowers (Rock/Reggae/Hip Hop), Baye Magatte (Senegal), Banana Blue (Mento/Calypso), Guillermo "Lightsouldier" Sohrya (Neo Soul) as well as continuously involved in Freelance projects. Next to hundreds of engagements in Switzerland, music has led to opportunities in the USA, Germany, France, Austria, Italy, the Czech Republic, Corsica and Croatia.

Roman Hosek works as a live and studio musician, composer, musical director and arranger for film, theater and circus. Since 2005 he has been a resident teacher at the Schaffhausen Music School.

RENÉ MOSELE (1976) grew up in Rothrist, Switzerland and began playing piano at an early age. As a teenager he began playing trombone which iscurrently, and has been for the last 15 years, his main instrument.

René studied at the Jazz School Bern, He also studied at the world reknowned Berklee School of Music in Boston, USA, where he finished his degree in two years and with honours. Since 1999 Renè lives full time in Switzerland where he works as a freelance trombone player with bands like the George Gruntz Concert Jazz Band, The Swiss Jazz Orchestra, Vario Haus Band, Nilsa, and many more. Music has led him to several tours across the USA, Europe, and Africa.

From 2002 until 2007 René worked as Musical Director of the band GMF- Grand Mother's Funck. One of the most profiled funk bands in Switzerland, he lead several tours for the band as well as team composed. He produced the last two GMF albums "Beat Mondial" and "At the Funckyard." Currently René is recording and working as the main producer of the upcoming untitled Chamber Soul Album.

His three loves in life are the trombone, producing in his own studio, and good food.

Please enjoy the performance video from their show Brittingham's in Lafayette Hill, PA

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